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Moods' Wings

fanfiction by kuonji

External Services:
  • kuonji14@livejournal.com
If you just friended me or want to friend me, hi and welcome! Two things you should know:
1) You have basically just friended my fanfiction and not really me. I rarely post anything that isn't a fic. :)
2) I probably will not friend you back, and it is absolutely nothing personal. I am totally tickled to have people friend me; it's just that I don't read my friends list. My best friends in real life have to use the telephone to find me. :)

Current fandoms: mainly Batman/DCU lately.

You can check out my all-inclusive fanfic index HERE.

Note on Slash--
I have a 'slash?: yes' and a 'slash?: no' tag, for convenience of readers who don't like to read one or the other, but be aware that my definition of slash may not fit yours. The 'Pairings' in the header at the top of each story should make things clear if you know the fandom. :)

Note on Derivative Works--
I am open to inspired work on my stories. I do ask three things:
1) Let me know so I can enjoy it and link to it.
2) Link back to my work and clearly credit me.
3) Art of any medium, podfic, remixes, AUs, and translations are all fair game. However, if you want to write a story that takes place in the universe of my story, please pitch it to me and allow me to approve it first.

Enjoy your stay! ;)