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Points In Common story index

I suggest reading the stories in order, for purposes of tone and flow, but that is not strictly necessary.  Stories marked with stars (*) are readable as standalones by the slightly adventurous.

For those who enjoy shorter stories, each part can be taken as an ending point.

Title: Points In Common
Author: kuonji
Fandom: Wilby Wonderful
Characters: Duck MacDonald, various
Pairings: Duck/Dan, Buddy/Carol, Dan/Val, Duck/OMC mentioned
Category: Duck & Buddy friendship, character study, drama, romance
Rating: PG-13 to R
Warnings: *highlight for spoilers: mention of domestic abuse
Words: ~28,460
Summary: Buddy isn't the sort of person Duck pays attention to normally. He's just not part of Duck's crowd. Life, however, has a funny way of not turning out how you expect it to.

Part 1* / Part 2* / Part 3* / Interlude* / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6


This Didn't Happen
(~1410 words, PG-13)
"I was talking to Sandra yesterday. ... We're going to throw you guys stag dos."

Say The Word *
(~380 words, PG-13)
It's a word that Buddy's heard many times.

Looking Forward *
(~11,350 words, NC-17)
In October, Duck asks Dan a question. It takes longer for Dan to ask him a question back.

Cooking For One *
(~3870 words, PG-13)
Sandra's mum made the best chicken pot pies in town.  At least, that's what Sandra always thought.  The meat was tender, the vegetables fresh but well done.  The sauce was a perfect blend of richness and spice.  She spent half an hour cutting and braiding the dough into picture perfect lattices that came out flaky and fluffy and deliciously buttery without ever becoming too heavy.

Multiple Choice *
(~1190 words, PG-13)
Dan rolled off him, exhausted and sweaty.  "Hey, Duck," he said.  "Want to get married?"  Duck, already half-asleep, said, "Sure."

What's Important, Part One: Calendar
(~5900 words, R)
Carol counts the days...

What's Important, Part Two: In The Doughnut Hole *
(~4250 words, PG-13)
It seemed utterly ridiculous, but... she decided she was willing, one last time, to close her eyes and leap, and see where this took her.

Hugs And Kisses *
(~1780 words, R)
His name is James, but his parents call him Jim or Jimmy.  Daddy tells him sometimes that he's named Jim because Mummy would divorce him if he named Jim, 'Huckleberry'.

(~5810 words, PG-13)
Buddy... thought about it sometimes.


Free Day
(~2400 words, PG-13)
"Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms ..."

Calling It Quits
(~1080 words, PG-13)
In which Buddy cheats, Carol tries to kill Duck, and Dan approves.

(~680 words, G)
When Dan goes to visit his parents, Duck is left somewhat at loose ends.

Long Sleeves And A Sandwich
(~2720 words, PG-13)
Duck was first in the door when they got back, the stink of the airport still all over him.

(~2100 words, R)
Dan has large hands.  Duck's always known that.  Large hands with hair on the long fingers, warm even though his face is so pale, mostly smooth but just calloused enough to drag across Duck's skin and make him shiver. Duck comes to a realization.

Five Things That Didn't Happen To Buddy French
~2240, R)
Buddy French has a dream. And then he has a few more...


What Choice? *
(~11,740 words, R)
Dan knew something was wrong as soon as he got home that day.  Duck tells Dan something that he's not sure he can live with.

Tags: fandom: wilby, series: points, slash?: no, type: fanfic index

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